12 February 2014

NaHaiWriMo prompt: break

custody battle
dog pictures missing
from my colleague's desk

I recently made the mistake of saying "at least there's no children involved" to be met by a hard stare.

"Yeah, but there's still the dogs to consider"

It was a lovely afternoon here yesterday. It had snowed earlier in the day but it hadn't settled.

The afternoon brought a clear blue sky and the usual air traffic travelling trans-continental far up through the stratosphere, unravelling their vapour trails as they went.

While contemplating one member of this airborne convoy, I noticed how its vapour trails had dissolved sporadically, leaving a morse code across the sky. "Perfect for the break prompt" I thought, but so far nothing's come of it.

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Dave Serjeant said...

morse code
vapour trails unravel
and dissolve


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