30 June 2010

cracks in the brickwork
the foundation stone
as old as me
after a night ripped apart
by the quarrelling foxes
the dawn
soundless and soft
as the cockerel’s feathers

23 June 2010

Tarkovsky polaroids

I recently rediscovered the polaroids by the film director Andrei Tarkovsky. I thought I'd share the link with you all because they're all so beautiful and appear somehow (along with his films) to belong to a parallel dimension (apologies for sounding pretentious).

Navigating the site isn't obvious, so click on the image to enter the site, click on an image to enlarge and the little rectangles at the top will take you from page to page.

Tarkovsky polaroids

18 June 2010

I have just been to my daughter's school sports day...

the bean bag
perched -
the outstretched arms
of the boy in last place
I recently appeared in Tinywords with the following two poems. If you missed them, here they are:

an old car
an old man and
an old dog


remission -
in the rear-view the crow
settles back on the roadkill

I get the feeling they have both appeared on this blog before, so apologies for repetition

15 June 2010

rolling across
and over
the speed of my car -
the flight of a swallow

9 June 2010

at the flip of a switch
the crane fly's shadow
capers round the room
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background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant