20 December 2013

2 December 2013

1 November 2013

18 October 2013

skipping generations
her inherited traits
raise an eyebrow
tinted windows -
through the gap
his fingers wriggle thanks

6 October 2013

more than these canes -
by the grandad
I never knew

3 October 2013


I can't seem to lose
my sand filled boots
and my legs want to take me
different routes.
When I finish each day
I'm painfully mute.
It's like I'm wearing an inside-out
cactus suit.

I can't stem the tide
I'm like King Cnut

But I can give MS
a two fingered salute

* * * * * * * * * * *

...Up yours, MS! and have a happy poetry day everyone!

16 September 2013

Tulips and roses

My back’s a bit stiff
cos I slept funny.
Spent half the night
worrying 'bout money,
I overcooked my eggs
and I like ‘em runny

but you ain’t bothering me today.
No, you ain’t bothering me today.

My razor’s blunt
and it made me late.
I can’t seem to get
my sideburns straight.
Now every single traffic light
wants me to wait

but you ain’t bothering me today.
No, you ain’t bothering me today.

I have a day full of meetings
when I get to work.
An inbox full of emails
and the office berk. *
Sharing jokes with colleagues
is my only perk.

You ain’t bothering me, it’s safe to say.
No, you ain’t bothering me today.

Though I nearly fall asleep
in front of the telly
and it’s time to push a needle
into my belly,
you won’t get me down today.
Not on your nelly.

You still ain’t bothering me in any way.
No, you ain’t bothering me today.

Though I feel wobbly
and my vision’s screwed.
Though my legs hurt like crazy,
like they’re being chewed
and my nerves, stripped of myelin
are buzzing

…her smile sets me free
from any bad mood.

So there you go,
now you know,
you ain’t bothering me today.
No way.
Tulips and roses.
Multiple sclerosis.
You ain’t bothering me today

(* non UK: subst berk for jerk)

8 September 2013

just when I thought
they hadn't said goodbye
one last swift

28 August 2013

21 August 2013

19 August 2013

Flood damage...

My current notebook.
I'm hoping my best ideas have been backed up somewhere or are retrievable, at least.

23 July 2013

21 July 2013

Here's an old one. Originally published in Presence a couple of years ago.

To celebrate summer, before I jet off to a cooler Australian winter.

Coast Path, Purbeck (Summer)



my skills as a parent
I set the moth
from the greenhouse

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11 July 2013

10 July 2013

Ed Button RIP

I know you had unimaginable troubles and I'm sorry that I never actually got to meet you in person. I'll miss your encouragement and devilish, often self-deprecating sense of humour. It's a pity that some personal demons are so parasitic in nature and so unavoidable that their only method of removal also necessitates the end of a life.

A sense of doom made me check your Facebook page. In your own words:
.Automated Greeting:

"Sorry, I don't want to talk right now.
"You can leave a message after the tone
and hope that I call you back."
I don't believe in any sort of afterlife, and I'm pretty sure that you didn't either. If there was, by rights you'd be riding your hog along an eternal coast road, the wind in your hair, a vibrant Jupiter straight ahead.

So long, Ed, and thank you for all the positives and for being a friend.

25 May 2013

16 April 2013

doorstep canvassing
the fury
of a small dog

doorstep canvassing -
a small dog's

(in honour of the forthcoming county council elections)
version 1 = best - see comments

5 April 2013

4 April 2013

7 March 2013

4 March 2013

signs of life...
potatoes chitting
in the eggbox spaceship

6 February 2013

smithereens - echapbook

Smithereens is now available to view here. Simply click on the image on this post to view it in all its page-turning glory.

You can also download it from my issuu.com account.

If you'd like to review it, have any questions, or if you would like a pdf copy emailed to you, please email me: daveserjeant at hotmail dot com or you can leave a comment on this post.

Hope you enjoy...

It's free to read and download, but if you want to part with some cash, please feel free to send it the way of the UK MS Society

30 January 2013

coming soon...

I'm currently working on an e-chapbook of my best haiku of 2012.

Everything's sorted and it's in the final draft stage. As soon as I publish it, it'll be posted here, of course.

Stay tuned...

10 January 2013

crikey moment

In nearly a year of not writing anything and effectively "retiring" from the haiku "scene", I've found out I've written about 20 haiku... Damn!

details soon (editing underway)...
all works are copyright, © David Serjeant. If you plan to use any of the work here, I will probably have no problem with that if you credit me as the author, link to this blog and let me know first. Thank you!

background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant