25 February 2010

With my *ahem!* scientific background, the following quote resonates with me. I thought readers of this blog might also appreciate it:

"Although it is a grand achievement to have added but one jot or tittle to the sum of human knowledge it is grander still to have added a thought. It is best for a man to try to be both poet and naturalist—not to be too much of a naturalist and so overlook the beauty of things, or too much of a poet and so fail to understand them or even perceive those hidden beauties only revealed by close observation."

From the "Journal of a Disappointed Man" by W.N.P. Barbellion

23 February 2010

his dates end
where hers begin -
for a moment
she rests to read
the park bench epitaph

I am just wondering if memorial benches are a peculiarly British thing.

22 February 2010

with my daughter -
an aircraft
joins   the   dots
of Orion's belt

published: Blithe Spirit 19:4 (current issue)

4 February 2010

my earliest memory
her hair just out of reach -
now the look on her face
as she doesn't say goodbye

like everything else on this blog - work in progress. Been thinking about my Mum a lot lately. Could do with a cup of tea and a catch-up sometimes. Ho hum... so it goes.

3 February 2010

full volume -
the rumblestrip drumrolls

(been listening to Sonic Youth a lot on my way to/from work - tearing down long straight country roads)

2 February 2010

one by one
the fag breaks end -
the taxis inch forward

(NB: for overseas readers, UK slang - fag = cigarette)

1 February 2010

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background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant