23 February 2010

his dates end
where hers begin -
for a moment
she rests to read
the park bench epitaph

I am just wondering if memorial benches are a peculiarly British thing.


Devika said...

Haven't heard of memorial benches here....And this is a bit confusing to me,

But I like it, anyway..the last three lines :)


Dave Serjeant said...

I think it's just a UK phenomenon. Little plaques fixed to benches in beauty spots or recreational areas in memory of someone deceased who used to enjoy the same spot

Frank Williams said...

I must admit Dave, I've only ever seen benches with plaques in the UK. A very touching poem...

T.Migratorius said...

I really like this one Dave. Here in the USA we do have memorial benches. They are quite common.

Devika said...

Okay...interesting :)


John McDonald said...

excellent set Dave

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