25 February 2010

With my *ahem!* scientific background, the following quote resonates with me. I thought readers of this blog might also appreciate it:

"Although it is a grand achievement to have added but one jot or tittle to the sum of human knowledge it is grander still to have added a thought. It is best for a man to try to be both poet and naturalist—not to be too much of a naturalist and so overlook the beauty of things, or too much of a poet and so fail to understand them or even perceive those hidden beauties only revealed by close observation."

From the "Journal of a Disappointed Man" by W.N.P. Barbellion


Devika said...

science and art -- Yes its interesting :)

I place art at the base of my scientific background,

"Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence. It opens our eyes to see and our brain to imagine." --Magdalena Abakanowicz

and it does work better than science at the base of it, I guess


Shadow Arcade said...

Very inspiring! Thanku 4 Sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of Thoreau :).
Stay inspired!

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