29 November 2009

Tinywords is back

Tinywords is back after a lengthy break (hooray!) starting on December 1st. A haiga of mine will appear somewhere in Issue 1.

See http://www.tinywords.com/ for details.
the drunk
so forceful
yet so light
when she barges into me
voices her opinions

26 November 2009

out of nowhere
a whirlwind of leaves
travels down the road

24 November 2009

23 November 2009

after all these years
still dancing it's routine
the beggar's cup

[Blithe Spirit 19:2]

19 November 2009

18 November 2009

silver on velvet -
the busker works his thank yous
into the song

13 November 2009

rush hour…
two women embrace
then sign their goodbyes

[Published: Presence #39]

6 November 2009

caught in the full-beam
the hare's tail
this way and that

3 November 2009

these short evenings
in last year’s leaves
a blackbird skull

[Chrysanthemum #2]
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