15 January 2014

9 January 2014

with each bottle
the same resolution

Happy new year!

coming soon...

After a couple of years of keeping a low profile, I have a few things in the pipeline.

I'll be appearing in the following in the new year:


  • Blithe Spirit (March)
  • Presence (guest edited by Matt Morden)
  • A Hundred Gourds (March) 



  • Still Fighting The War (eChapbook, Alesbury Press) (April)


  • NaHaiWriMo - I succesfully took part in this in 2011, but dipped out last year. I'm hoping to give it another go this year. Initial publication will be on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page in February.
Have a good new year everyone!

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background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant