22 February 2014

NaHaiWriMo prompt: beehive

home sweet home
in the brick pile

A few years ago, we had an extension built on the back of our house. At the front we had a large pile of bricks and granite cobble stones dumped. They stayed there for a long time while we found a buyer for the granite.

I that time a few bees started turning up in our front room, which was a mystery as we hardly ever opened the window in there.

While investigating the air bricks in the wall, I discovered a bees nest in the pile. It seemed ironic that our discarded building materials made the perfect home for them.

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jem said...

I really like the way you offer some context on some of these. It adds delicious depth. Kind of like a haibun in reverse.

We dug up some bees once, from an overlooked area of the garden. It was quite a surprise.

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