16 February 2014

NaHaiWriMo prompt: bicycle

first time
without stabilisers
if only all
letting go
could be so joyous

...then because it's NaHaiWriMo and not NaTanWriMo...

mine then hers
no stabilisers

That moment when she realises I'm no longer holding the back of her bike and she's cycling under her own steam.

It's a few years ago now and I can't quite remember what happened next. My daughter and I were in a busy park one sunny summer day on an expanse of grass. I think she got as far as she could, still talking to me, then when she looked round to see me some distance behind her, fell off her bike. No matter though, there may have been bruises but she never looked back.

It's one of those key moments in life, learning to ride a bike. I remember seeing my brother at the other end of the lawn when he should have been holding my saddle (how dare he let go!). I kept it together enough to pedal back to him. The overall feeling, though, was of the new found freedom and of having achieved something monumental.

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