30 July 2010

blue skies
caught in each raindrop
an inverted cloud


Devika said...

First, it came up as paradoxial..then there's a surreal quality to it..good haiku, David :)


Frank said...

A evocative haiku, Dave. Lovit...

Ralf Bröker said...

Took me hours to find out: it's true.

Best wishes

Dave Serjeant said...

a little editing - I have added the word "caught" and I am currently considering alternatives for "blue skies"

Dave Serjeant said...

thanks for the comments, guys!

Alan Summers said...

Love the haiku.

Not sure if you need "caught" although it does help the middle line length.

I do like "blue skies" but look forward to what you might replace it with, out of pure interest, and seeing a haiku go through its often many versions.

all my best,

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