7 July 2010

my head a mess
my thoughts a mess
my mood a mess
my legs a mess
my fingers a mess
my balance a mess
my vision a mess
my senses a mess
my sleep a mess
my strength a mess

my life: MS

author's note: no doubt I will be expanding this one


Paul Smith said...

Deeply poignant Dave. Don't know what else to say...

Dave Serjeant said...

Thanks Paul. Truth is, I have good days and bad - this one was written on a bad day and even then I am probably doing myself a dis-service - it makes me sound like a gibbering wreck when you wouldn't know to look at me that there was anything wrong. It's also a bit out of character - most of the time, I am relentlessly optimistic.

John McDonald said...

keep being relentlessly optimistic Dave - the poem itself shows great optimism

Devika said...

i think this is not a bad place to be for a poet....and if, you don't blame someone else for that,

i liked it and look forward to read the rest, David :)

some good additions here....i especially liked that quiet dawn,


Frank said...

Very poignant - stay optimistic Dave...

Ralf Bröker said...

Nothing wrong about being honest. Looks like the paper so many headshrinkers talk about: write it down and throw it away. I think the best way is: make up your mind and live. (So the author's note is a great part of the poem.)

Best wishes

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