5 October 2009

indian summer
an off-key greensleeves
stops mid-tune

I guess this one will only work in the UK


John McDonald said...


RBroeker said...

I've got this song in my mind now - and these colourful trees. Off-key is a great word, and somehow it goes together with autumn. I like (though I am not English ;-).

Best wishes

bandit said...

Works here, too, Dave, though we don't expect our Indian summer in my town until the 15th or so.
First frost, in the city, at least, was this morning. The local trees are about 50% changed to Autumn color. How 'bout that morning moon?
I find it interesting that you have the expression 'indian summer' as we do.
How is City fareing? Well, I hope.

Dave Serjeant said...

Hi folks - thanks for the comments.

By way of explanation - the off-key greensleeves refers to the tune that ice-cream vans play as they wind through suburban streets, hoping to snag an ice-cream starved child somewhere along the line.

Greensleeves isn't the only tune they play, but I bet it's the most common.

Hi Bandit - City are now the richest club in the world (officially) having been taken over by a saudi oil trillionaire. We narrowly lost to United 4-3 after the ref played a mystery six minutes of injury time. Mystery extra time at the swamp is something true football fans refer to as Trafford Time. Grrrrr....

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