30 March 2010

my children
sticking and glueing -
in the drawer
the mother's day card
I never sent


John McDonald said...

very good David

Paul Smith said...

Dave this is an absolute gem of a tanka. Really heart-felt!

RBroeker said...

Makes me feel guilty. For there isn't only one card ...

Best wishes

Dave Serjeant said...

Thanks everyone! I have only started experimenting with tanka recently. I have only written a handful, but for the most part they are concerned with the loss of my mother from cancer in 2006.

I think things have been bottled up and I haven't been able to express my grief in haiku form - it doesn't seem right somehow. Tanka seems to have unlocked something for me.

Frank Williams said...

A very bitter-sweet moment, Dave. My mother too passed away in 2006...

Kristin Riggs said...

Good for you, Dave. I, too, find writing to be a beautiful way to express my feelings, including grief. We lost my husband's dad in '07 and losing a parent is something you can't imagine until it happens to you. I understand. Sending up prayers for you as you work through it.

This is a wonderful tanka!


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