5 March 2010

Happy birthday!

distant lightning is one year old today.

Very many thanks to everyone who has left a comment, followed or linked to this blog.

Your contributions are valued.

just the wind picking up
distant lightning

('Light' - BHS anthology 2006)
not one of my best, but it gave this blog it's name.


Paul Smith said...

Happy Birthday! May there be many more to come.
I really enjoy DL you have a very distinct poetic voice that I value.

every now and then
just a glimpse -
distant lightning

Emma Dalloway said...

A great site - congratulations!

T.Migratorius said...

good work! Thank you for sharing your poetry.

all works are copyright, © David Serjeant. If you plan to use any of the work here, I will probably have no problem with that if you credit me as the author, link to this blog and let me know first. Thank you!

background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant