26 June 2009

summer night
the old stone wall
still warm

published Presence #35


Dave said...

this was written a number of years ago (after a walk back from the pub) and is one of my first attempts at haiku. It came in at No 12 in the Presence best of issue poll.

John McDonald said...

and deserving so

Frank Williams said...

A good feel haiku David - nice one...

RBroeker said...
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RBroeker said...

Too many mistakes. Here it is again:

Handsome. In the pure meaning of the word. In German there is a word called Handschmeichler. It describes a stoneegg which enjoys you when you touch it. Translated one by one: a hand-charmer.

I saw your hand on this old wall, Dave.

Best wishes

Dave said...

Actually, I didn't need to touch it (although I did). It was like walking past a radiator

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