11 June 2009

straight down the valley
air force jets -
the screaming of swifts


Frank Williams said...

A nice contrast between the birds and planes...

Dave said...

Just a note on this one.

I was going to send this out to a number of journal editors last year, when Presence issue 35 dropped onto my doormat. Leafing through to the page with my haiku on (p19 if you have a copy), I found a haiku written by David Weston with "the screaming of swifts" as the middle line. As my pieces immediately followed this, I decided I wouldn't send my swift poem to anyone, for fear of plagiarism accusations.

This haiku comes from working in Matlock, Derbyshire (UK), in a large building on top of a hill.

John McDonald said...

yes nice juxtaposition David

RBroeker said...

Straight and swift set special landmarks in this. Nice one.

Best wishes

Dalloway said...

how annoying - its a great line

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