14 May 2009

winter gloom -
outside the stadium
a lone drunk salutes

...............[Bramhall Lane, Sheffield - Dec 2006]

Previously published at: 3Lights Gallery and Football Poets

Congratulations to Sheffield United who have made it to the Division One play-off finals.


Dalloway said...

excellent - Id say more but Im dog tired...

bandit said...

i miss the FA so much.
They're only available here in outrageously
priced cable transmissions.
Glad to see other poets with the same passion.

here's a verse with too many touches

long crosses in the rain
incredibly elegant
holy of holys
who would of known
i worship red devils

Dave said...

ha ha! as a Man City supporter myself, I have to ban you from this site - red devils indeed :-)

bandit said...

I have their short handed game on tape-two red cards and down, what was it? 2 or 3 points, and come back to win! I salute you!

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