23 February 2012

NaHaiWriMo #23

prompt: wig

recession -
in the party shop window
the colours of fright wigs

Some of the small towns near where I live have been hit hard by the recession and there are fairly high levels of unemployment, with shops being boarded up etc.

I was tempted to go for the black humour and have 'ghost town' as the first line, so that the words ghost and fright would be in the same haiku (also it would have given a political nod to the Specials song of the same name - written in similar economic times).

However, the town in question isn't a ghost town so it wouldn't have been right and it would have been too halloween rather than social comment. It's just a town making the best of hard times. Maybe we can be optimistic that one of the small businesses still open is the party shop?

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