8 December 2009

this year
the Christmas lights blue
on the council's tree


Frank Williams said...

One can read so much into this haiku: eg blue lights = recession etc. I like this haiku a lot...

Devika said...

Hope they add some red,yellow/green......But blue alone may be heavenly?

but it does sound poorly lit! anyway, something more about the haiku that make it appealing, David :)


Paul Smith said...

I enjoyed this david, I'm thinking 'Tories'?

Dave Serjeant said...


Paul wins the prize. After 30 years of Labour stewardship, our county council (and my employer) is now under the Conservatives.

Seeing as I have a role within public relations, I'll leave it at that. Because you never know who's watching and I can't be seen to have a political allegiance, you know.

Charysse said...

Love this. I had to read it twice because while I felt the word blew what I read was blue. I love the way that this haiku threw me.

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