14 December 2009

autumn's end -
from somewhere on the allotments


Devika said...

Still very autumnly, David :)


John McDonald said...

enjoyed this

Paul Smith said...

Great poem Dave. It's so easy to be there listening.

RBroeker said...

The German word for allotment is Schrebergarten. And a couple of allotments are called Schrebergartenkolonie. Most of them are organized in associations (typical German thing), but indeed this way to find a green place outside the urban area mirrors the soul of our time in our country a lot.

BTW: Some months ago I read about people owning allotments in London who have to give up their places because of the Olympics ...

BTW 2: In East-Germany an allotment often goes together with a Datsche (which has its origin in a Russian word for leisure residence). Just another way to flee from modern architecture.

Thanks a lot, Dave, for a wonderful start to enjoyable connotation. Good haiku!

Best wishes

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