7 September 2009

Shamrock 11 online

The latest issue of Shamrock is now online. Shamrock is the online journal of the Irish Haiku Society. It has a couple of pieces by myself that have previously featured on this blog.

A feature of Shamrock that I particularly like is it's haiku tour of Europe, featuring work by prominent poets and potted histories of featured regions. This issue focusses on the Benelux countries.

Work by Adri van den Berg, Marc Hendrickx, Werner Lambersy, Bart Mesotten and Ida Gorter caught my eye in particular and a fascinating history of Dutch haiku has been provided by Max Verhart.

It's also pleasing, given that the Irish Haiku Society is still relatively young, that Irish writers are starting to dominate the content.

Shamrock 11 is available at http://shamrockhaiku.webs.com/currentissue.htm

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