8 May 2012

Hello friends

Just a little note to say that I'm going to be lying low for a while. I haven't been feeling well recently and want to concentrate on trying to take it easy by shifting my priorities around a bit.

It's my old monster waking up and making a nuisance of itself again and I need to figure out the right way to go about retaming it.

I haven't been reading or writing that much recently anyway, and I just want to tune out for a while to refresh myself if I can.

I'll be back, but I didn't want people to think I'd disappeared altogether. With a bit of luck I should be back sooner than you think.

Nothing too serious - I'm tired and I just need to recharge...



Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Sending feel good vibes ~~~ your way.
Stay inspired!

Frank... said...

I echo the first post, Dave...

Mark Holloway said...

Best Wishes to you, Dave!

John McDonald said...

I hope to see you back soon Dave fully refreshed - as Duke Ellington used to say:
take it easy....but take it!

Matthew Paul said...

All the best, Dave. City's last-gasp win over my lot must've helped. Great result all round :-)


Dave Serjeant said...

Thanks everyone! Brain gradually starting to work again.
Hi Matthew, QPR did well, didn't they, considering your away record and our home one. It did pick me up, though I thought I might need to phone myself an ambulance on the 95th minute. An amazing day's football, made better by hearing the cheers at the stadium of light and anfield when the news reached everyone. Fergie's face as well - ho ho!

Matthew Paul said...

Yes, it was an amazing day of footie. No-one could've scripted that. And yes, Fergie's face was hilarious. Shame about Joey losing the plot - still, he'll have lots of time to read Nietzsche again in August and September...perhaps he ought to read the collected works of Gandhi instead. :-)

All the best.

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