6 August 2009

carku (?!?)

in the old car
an old man and
an old dog

The beauty of an in-car notebook is that you can jot down ideas, random observations and proto-haiku while at traffic lights, in lay-bys etc and then forget them. Until one day (today in my case) you decide to take it out and trawl through for anything worth working on.

here's a few more...

long day -
my car's central locking
clunks it's welcome

on the same road
the dead crow
still points the way

dotted across the moor
the backs of sheep

hospital car park
a woman with a neck brace

[...or should it be gnisrever? - as awkward to read as it is to manouver]

driving the line
between green and blue
spring hilltops

By way of explanation - I drive a hundred miles a week between work and home through the hills and back lanes of Derbyshire. It is one of those rare occasions that I find myself alone, so driving familiar routes away from the rat runs gives me space to think. I also think I need a camera living permanently in the car.


John McDonald said...

nice collection Dave

RBroeker said...

Commuter poetry. Know that (at least 140 kilometres a day). Nice work.

Best wishes

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background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant