29 July 2009

the roaring of trees


RBroeker said...

I know chinooks as a special sort of helicopter. So to me your haiku is a very pointed remark about the relation between nature and man, strength and violence. Good one.

Best wishes

bluetoque said...

My first thought was: that's a bit of an odd winter kigo, especially for the UK. Then I realized you were talking about the man-made one. ...and then I heard the sound.

Dave said...

thanks for alerting me to the possible season-word confusion.

Yes, I meant the double-rotor-bladed military helicopters. I often see them in pairs on manouvers.

I guess, apart from the point Ralf raises, this poem is also about concealment, both aurally and visually.

But as you don't see the chinooks until the last moment, it's a reminder that there are greater forces at work - the chaos of nature, if you like.

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