17 March 2018

everything buttoned
the black-tie dinner
I could do without

27 June 2017

A New Resonance volume 10

I'm honoured to be included in the latest edition of A New Resonance (Red Moon Press). I'm selling copies for £15. All profits will go to the MS Trust.

email daveserjeant at hotmail dot com for details.

19 June 2017

eyes the colour of sky
in the long grass
a juvenile crow

7 June 2017

apple canker
the farmhouse dwarfed
by its barns

24 May 2017

newspaper bundles
seagulls pick at
last night's vomit

17 May 2017

cross legged
the departure gate girl
reads Camus

11 May 2017

election results
in the window still
a paper snowflake

17 March 2017

on a bridge he updates
his status

16 March 2017

14 March 2017

Einstein's birthday
the platform slipping
slowly backwards

12 March 2017

lazy Sunday
the drone of neighbourhood
power tools

25 February 2017

dawn light
the Samaritans' billboard
above the river

23 February 2017

tracing my hand - a lifetime of scars

13 February 2017

care home - Dad's alternate reality

house clearance - his bags for life

the start of something
all the roof trusses
in upper case

2 February 2017

onions in the pan
everything I've done
leads to this

1 February 2017

13 December 2016

Venus at dusk
her face
in my brake lights

6 December 2016

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background image: beeley moor spin photo © David Serjeant